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FOX Business
Dec 22, 2012 1:00am EST
their future loans depend on gettingore money. that is with micrfinance with the working poor to get access to capital it is our lifeline out of poverty. they know they can get access to future lonesome payback. john: you started it in 2005 already hundreds of millions of dollars. 850,000 lenders. thank you premal. kickstart uses a similar concept to find anything. people post projts, ideas projects, ideas, the and films. >> the feature film. >> stop motion animation. >> a video album. john: do they get money? >> $200,000 after posting he founded to make a documentary on fracking for natural gas. >> almost one-quarter of a million dollars. john: you want to make a movie why? >> the story of fracking is not being told. john: it is wonderful. it has or prices and reduced pollution. >> yes. people don't know that. it is not told in the hollywood documentary. john: go to hollywood and asked. [laughter] >> if there is your answer. [laughter] i did it take starter out of desperation to say the enemy is not a big business but big environment. they just laugh. john: instead they make a movie
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1